Dear Me


Dear Me

              Stop saying you love your space, stop excluding yourself, stop hurting yourself. Don’t be quick to leave or think the worst, don’t be naive or procrastinate.

We both know that you easily love and you love deep but please don’t fall inlove with the maybes,  don’t fall inlove with the what ifs’ or simply potential. Fall inlove with love and fall inlove with yourself.

I love and accept you for who you are so be yourself and nothing else. Open yourself up abit more. I know potential One betrayed you and potential Two broke your heart but maybe just maybe potential Three is the mender of trust or the mender of broken hearts or he could just, simply, be the one.

I know majority of the time you are tired, overwhelmed, sad, miserable,  need I go on… however, try and dwell on the fact that you are smart, strong, creative and determined. Joy is in your grasp so reach out and take it. Life is hard you say, well if it wasn’t will you enjoy it as much?

Alot is hidden behind your smile and I feel you for I am experiencing the same thing. So you myself, I hope you take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Until next time.

P.s. Remember that:
You are as strong as Samson
You are as devoted as David
You are as willing as Abraham
You are as obedient as Noah
You are as humble as Ruth
You are as faithful as Esther
And that God will not give you| me| us anything that we can not handle.



Dearest Mr ex


Dearest Mr ex.

             It was nice while it lasted. The loss is unbearable, the pain is excruciating and the loneliness is deafening. However, I seem to find the emptiness quite comforting.

The words left unsaid are whats eating me up inside. I am in awe of the skill you possess to make me feel like I am everything and nothing in a matter of minutes.  You my love are talented and you most certainly have a way with words.

I am grateful for the pain, the heartache and the experience because now I know for sure what I want as a woman and what I desire.

So to you my once upon a time friend, my once upon a time lover and my once upon a time everything.


Yours truly



She is a queit, shy and naive girl whose main focus was her education and virtue. But what she did not know was that life had other plans and ideas for her. The year 2011 was when everything changed. She began to question everything she knew to be true, she questioned her identity and beliefs. Although she knew the devil only came to steal and to destroy, she gave into the temptation.  Late did she know that What awaited her was beyond what she can comprehend,

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I stumbled into the bathroom ,my eyes were glazed over with tears. I could hardly see anything but the sad pathetic face looking back at me. Crushed soul. I saw the the nothingness that my self image had become. I didn’t see me in that mirror. This time I couldn’t blame it on the crack in my bedroom mirror which always made for a great excuse as to why the image staring back at me was not beautiful. A hollow chuckle and the words “I’m a beautiful girl” would follow. Now, here in this bathroom, these mirrors were clean. Like really clean. Cleaned and polished everyday clean. SO clean that beyond the several masks I could see myself. Like these mirrors had been waiting for me. Waiting for my hollow chuckle or the shallow “I’m a beautiful girl”. Silence. I unmade myself. I buckled under my reflection. I became undone…

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